Thanks to all who attended our May forum!

IMG_20150514_185510Thanks to everyone who came out for our latest forum: “Unity in the Community: Coalition Success Stories.”  A big thank you to our amazing panelists, Paul Kumar, Timmy Lu, and Aracely Mondragon, as well as our fearless moderator, Dyan Ruiz.  Paul and Timmy’s stories from their work with the CPMC fight and Richmond’s 2014 election were a much-needed boost of optimism and inspiration — proof that with effective coalition building, progressive movements can overcome huge moneyed interests (sometimes we do win!).  And Aracely’s experience with the current fight for rent control in the South Bay reminded us of how much work there is to do still, and how important coalition building around housing is right now.

For those of you who missed the forum, stay tuned for a video of the panel.  And more to come on our next forum soon!


Photo credit: Joseph Smooke.